Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cross Country

On a bright sunny morning Cross Country started.We got  out of our uniform and into our gear.Cross Country was held at the Reserve and also PT England School .The whole school was there and including Teachers and Parents.

When we Finish getting change Mrs Nua Took us to the Court.As me and my friends walked to the Court we could see all of the other class compet for Cross Country.We got called to run.

Mr Burt told us to exercise because we didn't want a
stitch. I felt very nervous on the line. when Mr Burt put his clapper up and said Ready,Get set and go
i ran as fast as i could then when we ran around the cone there was this big muddy patch some people fell in the puddle.

Then we exit the gate and onto the reserve i was in lead.As i ran i pushed my self to come first.I was really tired then i terned to run straight.We were allmost done the run.

Then the rase finest ifelt so happy that i came 3 place.      

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